To book a Life Counselling* session simply choose which session you would like below and click the “buy now” button. Once I receive confirmation of your payment, I will be in touch with you so we can fix a date.

Life Counselling and Energy Healing advice via Skype with the option of including Tarot without extra charge!

(Session lasts around 30 mins or 60 mins depending which option you choose. To book please go to the bottom of the page and choose between the two booking options (Half hour or Full hour)

NEW! Detailed WRITTEN Life and Energy Healing Counselling for those of you who do not have skype and/or prefer to get their reading in writing!

Cost USD 85.00 (around GBP 65.00). To book a written Life Counselling simply click the pay button below:

Life counselling and Energy Healing advice via skype or written is a great way for you to benefit from my in-depth knowledge of Man’s subtle energies, which are both the root and the potential for the formation of reality and health. By applying simple self-help healing techniques based on the energy healing Art and philosophy Jin Shin Jyutsu not only can you alleviate pain and general complaints as well as many chronic conditions, such as the widely feared burn-out-syndrom or constant fatigue, but you may also give your life a completely new direction of positivity and bright outlook.

During our counselling session I will suggest and show you simple energy healing techniques customized for your personal situation and give you advice on diet, exercise and how to use herbal supplements. I will also guide you in finding a new mental approach to difficult situations so that you may profit from any life situation that you may encounter rather than allowing it to drain your energy.
If you wish we will use the Tarot Cards for extra help in order to determine underlying problems in your approach to life.

For my written Life Counsellings, besides the information you give me, I take into consideration your astrological chart and also use numerology and the Tarot Cards (if appropriate for your specific questions) to find the best and most useful ways to help you with your current situation. I will tell you about simple Energy Healing techniques you could apply, give you advice on nutrition and sport and maybe suggest herbal teas, depending on your situation. To book a written Life Counselling, please click the pay button at the bottom of this page and email me your questions (3 questions at the most) along with your date, location and time (if you know it) of your birth. If you know your Blood type, you can also let me know about it. I will then contact you to confirm the receipt of payment and of your questions and you will usually get your written report within 1 week. (If occasionally it may take longer due to high demand, I will notify you about this).

Book 30 min. Skype Life Counselling: $60

Book 60 min. Skype Life Counselling: $75

*Please note that my Life Counsellings are always provided to the best of my knowledge and belief; however they do not substitue medical advice.



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