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“Der Mond und der kosmische Code der Schöpfung” is a substantial 400-page book explaining the moon and the code of creation through the 12 organ flows of man. “Der Mond und der kosmische Code der Schöpfung” reveals the code of creation through the 12 Soul gates of man along the Life Flow, the most important energy flow and it explains in both theory and practice how we can tune into the daily cosmic vibrations given to us by the moon on its monthly journey through the zodiac.
“Der Mond und der kosmische Code der Schöpfung” is a one-of-its-kind-book revealing for the first time the true importance of the moon for health, wellbeing and life in general. The book contains 84 colourful graphics and photographs and is divided into a first, theoretical part which explains the cosmic code of creation in detail and a second practical part enabling the reader to start the transformative healing process by tuning into the moon without having read the theoretical part first.

Feeling Great with the Moon” is the English version of “Der Mond und der kosmische Code der Schöpfung”. It is not a translation but rather a rewritten English version of the German book which contains the essence of the Code of Creation. “Feeling Great with the Moon” features all the substantial graphic designs and photographs of the German book.

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  • I have been interested in the moon for many years and, apart from using the moon calendar, I have read many books about the moon. Now, “The Moon and the Cosmic Code of Creation” is the very book I have been waiting for and which stands out among all the other books about the moon. This beautifully designed book with its numerous photographs and graphics has not only made me aware of the importance of the moon, but has sharpened my understanding of myself as a spiritual being. I now understand why, for instance, on Aries days my voice is always hoarse or used to be hoarse since now this book tells me what I can do by “using the forces of the moon”, to prevent my voice from becoming hoarse and, on a more general basis, what I can do for my own health and wellbeing! Although it is only a week ago that I acquired this book, I feel such an energy push due to getting tuned into the moon vibration that I now manage to accomplish so many tasks in one day for which before it took me three days. I want to thank the author for the wisdom provided by this beautiful book and which I am happy to use every day.
    Silvia - The Moon And The Cosmic Code Of Creation