Something About Me

Irene Lauretti

Hi, I am Irene!

I am a Mystic, Energy Healing Therapist, Author and Tarot and numerology-specialist and I see it as my calling to help you discover your True Self and innate Healing Power!

Everything you need for complete and radiant Health, Happiness and Beauty is in you and ready for you to use, if only you know how and, most importantly, if you really want to become that which you were born to BE!

My goal is to help you release any fears you may have and to uncover and use your endless healing potential and creative power – a power that has always been there but that you may not have been aware of and that you were probably even afraid of.

I will show you how to use your body as the instrument of your Soul to create a life of radiant Health, Beauty and Happiness for your self !

All it takes for this life-changing transformation to happen is your willingness to open up to your innate power and to become COMPLETE!

My books and NEW also my exclusive Moon&Health-app can be Life-changing for those who are ready to create themselves a new and glorious reality!

I offer Life counselling on special request.

Picture above from Luca Benelli Berardi, 07.08.2017