Niklas – The Moon And The Cosmic Code Of Creation

In the esoteric library I happened to come across this beautiful high-quality book.
Since due to my former work as an astrologist I have read many books on astro medicine and therefore have a theoretical insight in the interaction between body/organ functions and the zodiac without, however, being able to use such knowledge in a practical way or gather any guidance from it, I became really curious. In the past I had read about Jin Shin Jyutsu and in the bookshop I also found various books covering this subject. However, I felt that the information given was rather clumsy and not really appealing to me. That is why I decided to buy this newly published book. At home I immediately started scrutinizing the promises made in the book and tried out the finger positions indicated therein. The folding pages at the end of the book showing the graphics make it very easy to find the applicable finger positions even before reading the text. After 8 minutes of applying them I had a throbbing sensation under my fingers which were placed on a particular point of a given sequence.. It felt as if I were consciously feeling how my blood was flowing through my whole body. My nose which is always constipated finally became clear and allowed me to breathe freely and even my visual acuity improved. Since then (nearly three weeks ago) I have read the whole book and are applying every day the positions indicated in the book in accordance with the position of the moon in the zodiac. I feel much fitter than before, less cold and I have no longer any headaches. This is a new, extremely helpful book, which is revolutionary in its kind and, unlike so many other books which promise healing effects, this book shows in a simple way and efficient way how people can actually help themselves and cure their ailments.

Niklas - The Moon And The Cosmic Code Of Creation