Irene Lauretti

Irene Lauretti
Mystic, Energy Healing Therapist, Author and Tarot consultant.

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LunaJin® Moon&Health

my App has been updated and is NOW available for all types of smartphones! PLUS
LunaJin® Moon&Health now shows the  anchor steps of the 12 organ flows in color photographs and even contains a section on nutrition with the Moon for maximum intake of minerals and vitamins! LunaJin® MOON&HEALTH  gives you the exact position of the Moon wherever you are in the world as well as the associated organ flow and its activation sequences for each day of the year. Based on my book “Feeling Great with the Moon”, this unique app gives you all the practical energy healing info of the book as well as daily organ affirmations right onto your phone.
LunaJin® is a MUST for anybody seriously wanting to HEAL and EMPOWER themselves – DAILY and wherever you are! LunaJin® Moon&Health is available on google playstore and in the Iphonestore. Set your preferred language in the language menue of the App; you can choose between English, German or Spanish!

The long-awaited English Version of the German bestseller:

“Feeling Great with the Moon”

The TRUTH about the true meaning of the MOON revealead and how YOU can USE the moon’s vibrations for WELLBEING, HEALTH and SUCCESS!

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Picture of Irene recorded from Luca Benelli Berardi, 07.08.2017