Timo – The Moon And The Cosmic Code Of Creation

No one interested in health should miss this book, since it really opens the mind for the true causes of disease and disharmony. “The Moon and the Cosmic Code of Creation” shows the importance of the effect of the moon for us. The book demonstrates most vividly the importance of our soul as the cosmic principle of creation through the six depths and 12 forces of the soul.
I was able to see for myself how deeply and effectively the tuning in sequences acted on people, when I took part in a seminar given by the author in which she explained the principle of the Code. At that time I suffered from a most unpleasant and recurrent skin condition with continual itching. So far no medicine had been able to help and other alternative healing methods had not had any lasting effects.
At first I was rather sceptical regarding the new approach shown in the book, but then I started practising on a daily basis the positions explicitly described in the second part and after 3 months I was free from any itching and pains.
However, to consider and use this book as a mere “book on health” would be a pity, since the first part is a real masterpiece in its own right. In this part the Code is explained through the meaning of our soul. It culminates in the description of the Major Energy Circulation the course of which reveals the cosmic Code of Creation. Another interesting point is the reference made to the St John’s Gospel because the author interprets the symbolic meaning of the 12 apostles as the 12 soul forces and the vital flow as the mediatory principle of creation (Christ). Summing up I would say that this is a book which I would strongly recommend to anybody who has the courage “to look beyond their own noses”!

Timo - The Moon And The Cosmic Code Of Creation