Zarah, 35 – Tarot

In July 2013 I had a Tarot reading with Irene at the Metta centre St. Ives. It was my first-ever Tarot reading and it was life-changing for me in a highly positive way.
My main concern and the reason for the reading was the relationship I was in at the time. The cards showed that my then-boyfriend did in fact see another woman and it was best for me to end the relationship sooner than later. Irene did already then see another man entering my life. At the time I did not believe this would happen, since I just wanted to be on my own for a while. However, only a few weeks after the reading I did in fact meet Jason, the love of my life, during a workshop I was attending and it turned out to be exactly like the cards had predicted in summer: it is pure bliss and I could not be happier.
I was especially grateful for Irene’s honesty regarding my then-relationship. Rather than not telling me or making things look better than they in fact were, Irene let me know in a very sensitive and caring way that transformation was inevitable and would be easier and smoother if initiated by me rather than wait for my boyfriend to take off for good …
Thanks for this!

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Zarah, 35 - TarotLondon, UK