Introducing Jin-Shin-Tarot!

The Holistic way of Divination


I am delighted to present Jin-Shin-Tarot, a new and fascinating way to unlock your Soul’s potential and to HEAL by understanding and using the messages given to us by the Tarot cards through your body’s energies.

As both an Energy Healing Therapist specialised on the Art of Jin Shin Jyutsu® (JSJ) – which in word-for-word translation means The Art (Jyutsu) of the Creator (Shin) through the Human of Compassion (Jin) – as well as a professional Tarot reader it was only too natural for me to merge these two fascinating modalities to unlock a new door to Life’s potential and to the FLOW of CREATION which we ourselves are born to BE in each moment of our lives.

The Flow of Creation unlocked through the organ functions of our body, as some of you may already now, is the subject of my newly released book “Der Mond und der kosmische Code der Schöpfung“, ISBN 978-3-00-043312-2 (The Moon and the Cosmic Code of Creation), published in German, coming soon in English.

WE ourselves, as my book shows in both theory and practice, ARE the Flow of Creation, or rather, we SHOULD be the Flow, since our ego-driven world and our identification with the world of matter lets us forget our True Selves and the Power of Creation that we are born to be, resulting in blockages in our energy system which we perceive as “stress”, emotional imbalances, neediness, “failure”, “unhappiness”, unfulfilled relationships, infertility, as well as physical symptoms and chronic dis-ease.

“Obstacles” in our lives, which we are experiencing or may experience in the future as the above mentioned symptoms, and which in Tarot can be “foreseen” by specific cards and/or the combination of how the cards appear in a spread, in reality are nothing else than the cry of our Soul to be reconnected to the Flow, to our Source, our Life’s potential.

As such, the voice of our Soul appearing as “obstacles” demands its attention in the hope that we “understand the message”, or, to put it in other words, that we open the GATE being presented to us, leading back to being in the Flow, to being the TRUTH we are born to BE.

“To get the message” and open the gate(s) is the intention behind Jin-Shin-Tarot which alters neither the Tarot nor the Art and Philosophy of JSJ, but rather uses to two modalities to make the most of both, to enable HEALING, TRANSFORMATION and ENLIGHTENMENT and make the client aware of the fact that despite what the cards are showing, it is in HIS HANDS to use these messages by harmonizing the energies associated with the cards.

“Negative” cards will only be perceived as “negative” when we do not re-act to the transformational message behind it, when we continue the way we have and ignore the voice of our Soul.

Let’s take card Nr. XVI, THE TOWER, as an example.



The Tower is one of those cards that, as a first reaction, may evoke f e a r in a client. The meaning generally attributed to this card and number is “Destruction of something built upon false beliefs”.
If you ponder about this meaning for a while, you may come to the conclusion that this is not “negative” at all, but should rather present a welcome change, since something built upon false beliefs is not the Truth and is therefore not in alignment with the highest good.

However, it is the way this transformation is being presented in this card. The picture shows a Tower struck by lightning and consequently bursting into flames with two persons and a crown plunging into the abyss headfirst. So, the image does convey catastrophe, and it is this “sense of catastrophe” which the client will perceive as “negative” and “fearful” despite the fact that the Tarot reader will usually make sure the client gets the message of a necessary transformation that will in the end be for his highest good.

So, how can Jin-Shin-Tarot help here?
Is there a way the holistic wisdom of the ancient Energy Healing Art JSJ may be applied to smooth out the “negative” effect of a disturbing shake-up, thus allowing change and transformation to happen without the “negative” side effects associated with this card?

The answer is: Yes! The energetic correspondences with the Energy Locks used in JSJ as well as with the Organ Functions associated with the different aspects of our life enable us to use the information provided to us in the cards as KEYS and TOOLS to understand the message and re-act to it by harmonizing those aspects of our being that have provoked the appearance of this card in the first place.
Remember that the Tarot cards are not “exterior tools”. Rather, they are IMAGES of our SOUL that convey messages which are ALREADY apparent in the Energy Body, but which may not yet have manifested.

MATTER FOLLOWS ENERGY, and as such, provided we have the knowledge and the “Tools”, it is in OUR POWER to harmonize destructive energy patterns and clear blockages, which, if not harmonized and cleared, to get us “back on our Soul’s path of Truth, will burst and evoke catastrophe at some point sooner or later in our life.

So, what does card Nr. XVI, The Tower tell us from an “energy point-of-view”, or, to approach it from the Energy Healing side:

What is the Energy Healing KEY for The Tower? How do me make use of its “positive message” to be able to “ride the necessary wave of transformation” without having to endure the negative aspects associated with this card?

Well, let the numerical meaning of 16 and the emotions often provoked by this card unveil the keys to us:

As you can see on the diagram above, EL 16 is located on the outside of the foot in the hollow under your ankle. Its meaning quite fittingly is: The basis of all human activities, Transformation; Breaking down of existing forms for new ones.

This shows us: The meaning of EL 16 corresponds exactly to the meaning of our Tarot card XVI (16).

And, just as the Tower in card XVI stands for the beliefs we have built our lives upon, the belief systems that have become “out-of-date” and need to be re-cycled and re-thought, so does EL 16 represent the forms that need to be broken down, the basis we are currently standing on, hence the location of EL 16 on the foot.

So, how does EL 16 enable us to open up to this message and use it as a Gate to a new and better foundation, to a landing on a soft and lush ground of Abundance, Joy and Happiness?

Well, the most straightforward way to re-act to its message, is simply to touch one or both EL 16 (we have both a right and a left EL16). The left EL represents the Past and is thus more apt to let go of our past “sins”, whereas the right EL 16 represents the Now and the Future and thus has a more future-orientated aspect. However, since the present is always the result of past actions, I would always recommend to also go to the “Past-side”, which is the left side of the body.
By lightly touching EL 16 (there is no need to apply pressure or massage it, simply touch it lightly and “feel into it”) we assist and activate the process of Breaking down the old and taking on the New and thus use the message of card XVI rather than trying to “avoid the frightening” change and creating even more blockages through fear and holding against the flow.

Remember: It is ALL ABOUT BEING THE FLOW AT ALL TIMES, and Jin-Shin-Tarot is a way to get us back into the Flow, to use the card’s messages and not only become AWARE of them, but in fact open up the Gates presented to us directly where they need to be opened: in our Energy System, our Source to create Reality!

However, touching EL 16 is just one way to use card XVI’s message.
A more “indirect” but nevertheless highly beneficial approach to unlocking the card’s potential is to make use of the Organ Flows (meridians in TCM) associated with EL 16. By “associated with” I mean that EL 16 plays a major part in opening its flow path.

Since we have three Organ Flows that have an association with EL 16, for now I would like to choose the most obvious connection to card XVI, and that is the Gallbladder Energy Function which expresses Aquarius.

Gallbladder Energy arises out of 3rd Depth QUINTESSENCE which is also known as the KEY to the Elements of the Zodiac (and the Minor Arcana!), which are Water, Air, Fire and Earth.

The Flow of Quintessence, in other words, is of Vital Importance for the harmony of the 4 Elements of incarnated being.

When not in harmony, Quintessence becomes a destructive force – the MOST destructive force that exists within the cosmos and the microcosmos appearing as rage and anger on the emotional level and on the body level – to name but a few –as complete exhaustion, failure of the immune system and cancer.

Now, does that remind you of the effect of a certain card?

Well, it does not have to, since on the positive, flowing side, Quintessence shows and manifests as pure bliss: Generosity and kindness on the emotional level and creativity at its best, flexibility in both Mind and Body (tendons are part of this vibration!), beautiful skin and a youthful appearance as well as the ability of the body to completely regenerate after traumatic experiences.

It is up to YOU to choose which option you take. It is not about “taming” this beautiful vibration which, as is shown and explained in my book “Der Mond und der kosmische Code der Schöpfung” is the first point of the five-pointed Star to unfold out of our personal Source, the head of the Star, which our Soul is and which we are born to consciously unfold!
(the unfolding of the Star with the cycle of the moon as explained in my book is also shown at the bottom of my webpage)

Rather, it is about riding its high Energy level and creating our Life out of the endless Source which we are at each and every moment of our Lives.

So, how do we do that? How can we use this energy rather than be destroyed by it?

Well, as a self-help method there is a most simple, yet highly effective and beneficial way to harmonize Quintessence as well as its two Energies Gallbladder and Liver Energy:

Simply hold your middle finger as shown in the photograph below for as long as you can each day (ideally 20 minutes on each side) for about six weeks and you will feel (and see) a difference in your Life and prevent the thunder and lightning that may otherwise be necessary bring you back on track, to remind you of your True Destiny.


So, let us go back to our Tarot card Nr. XVI and to our client faced with the “grim” reality of its message.

Jin-Shin-Tarot, through the connection to the energies expressed by each card, provides us with the Tools to not only interpret the message behind the card, but to actually harmonize those energies about to “erupt” and wreak havoc on our body and lives.

It enables us to transform the path without changing its direction, thus getting the most out of a Tarot reading and making it a truly transformative experience, that can and should transform our Lives for a better, more harmonious and healthier YOU!

In a detailed Tarot spread, like for example the Life Spread or the Celtic Cross, it is of course never only about one card, but about the Big picture. What is the cards succession, is there an interruption of the flow and where is it, which elements are in majority or minority? What I also usually take into account to provide the client with the most beneficial keys to his/her reading, are the “personal numbers”, like the day or the life number as well as the sun sign, rising sign and the moon sign and how all that compares to the cards laid out in front of me. The goal is always on the BIG PICTURE and the PATH the client is heading to rather than on a “momentum window” in life.

In the future I will be both posting blogs about the energetic correspondences to other cards as well as – from next year on – offer Jin-Shin-Tarot-Webinars where you are invited to join from anywhere in the world to discover the Healing potential and hidden Energy messages of the fascinating Tarot Cards within the highly stimulating atmosphere of other Tarot professionals as well as Energy Healers and “beginners” in the Art of GETTING TO KNOW MYSELF!

Also, until December 31st , I am happy to offer the following SPECIAL
which enables you to choose one Tarot card (Major or Minor Arcana), which may have been coming up regularly in your readings, demanding its attention, or which you feel is important for you right now, and have it explored and explained from an Energy Healing perspective, giving you simple Energy Healing advice to unlock its positive potential. If you prefer, I am happy to choose a card for you by shuffling and/or using my intuition.
The offer is available either written (by email) or as a 15 minute skype consultation.

The cost for this unique offer is only £10.00


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  1. Hertha Wolff-Arend

    What an interesting post. I can’t wait to learn more about it when I meet with you in person. The connection between body and tarot card readings is something I have never heard of. Thanks for contributing to educate people in learning more about their divine nature. Hertha

    1. Irene Lauretti

      Thanks so much for your interest, Hertha. And since you are the first to comment I shall be happy to offer you a free reading of your choice either via skype or when we see us in California soon! Irene

    1. Irene Lauretti

      Thank you David, it is with my greatest pleasure! Your interest is a wonderful inspiration to me! Keep at it!

  2. Hilde Mansfield

    I have attended a workshop with Irene Lauretti and I was impressed how knowledgeable and spirituelle she is. Irene is a beautiful soul and an amazing teacher. I have used her healing technique with holding your fingers and know that it works. I have shown it to many children when they struggled with their emotions and they benefited from this simply technique. I have recommended her to others and my sister had a tarot reading with Irene, and was truly impressed and found it very helpful. We are so blessed that you share your wisdom and love with us. x

    1. Irene Lauretti

      Thank you so much, dear Hilde,for your kind words. Lots of love to you and kind regards, Irene

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