Irene Lauretti

Irene Lauretti
Mystic, Energy Healing Therapist, Author and Tarot consultant.

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The long-awaited English Version of the German bestseller:

“Feeling Great with the Moon”

The TRUTH about the true meaning of the MOON revealead and how YOU can USE the moon’s vibrations for WELLBEING, HEALTH and SUCCESS!

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Picture of Irene recorded from Luca Benelli Berardi, 07.08.2017
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    This review is from: Wellness Above the Clouds: The unique guide to complete harmony of Body, Mind and Spirit (Paperback) This book does not require you to know anything about Jin Shin Jyutsu or any other alternative healing techniques. It is simply a very easy to follow book full of straightforward exercies that you can use to aid relaxation on a plane (which is its main purpose) but it is so much more than that. You can basically do these exercises anywhere and so many of them would be great…
    Sue C - Wellness Above The Clouds
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