Irene Lauretti

Irene Lauretti
Mystic, Energy Healing Therapist, Author and Tarot consultant.

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The long-awaited English Version of the German bestseller:

“Feeling Great with the Moon”

The TRUTH about the true meaning of the MOON revealead and how YOU can USE the moon’s vibrations for WELLBEING, HEALTH and SUCCESS!

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Picture of Irene recorded from Luca Benelli Berardi, 07.08.2017
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    I’ve found this book to be highly effective and fits in well with my busy lifestyle,
it helped me almost immediately when I’d been suffering from toothache.
It was so easy-to-follow, with clear pictures, showing numerous techniques that anyone can do,
even if you don’t have any prior understanding of healing.
Although it was aimed for people sat on airplanes, I’m always dipping into it and often do little bits of healing on myself whilst watching the telly.
It’s definitely a book I would share w…
    Sammy - Wellness Above The Clouds
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