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2013 is coming to an end and Saturn is about to take over the reign from the Moon, the ruler of 2013.

2014, the Chinese year of the Wood-Horse with all its energetic aspects will be ruled by Saturn, known at times for its severity and strict structures.

Time and order (Saturn) combined with the urge to “break free” (Horse) will be the overall aspects of the New Year that promises to be both challenging and exciting for anybody with high aims, which should however turn out positive considering that 2014, in its sum of digits is a 7, which stands for victory!

To achieve victory, however, it is essential that we live according to Saturn’s rules and take into account Nr. 14 itself, which in Tarot is the card of Temperance, (see below) which quite fittingly is all about balance, patience and moderation.


So, how do we manage that “inner horse” striving to break free from any limitations and the Element Wood, which is also known as Quintessence and is our Key to all other Elements and thus to “Life” as such?

How can we take full advantage of our Quintessence, our will to expand and unfold without coming “into conflict” with Saturn, the strict and severe father, putting us “back into confinement” if we do not adhere to its rules?

Well, to my German-speaking clients I would simply say: activate the Code as described in detail in my newly published book “Der Mond und der kosmische Schöpfung” (The Moon and the Cosmic Code of Creation), since activating the Cosmic Code of Creation by tuning into the Moon on a daily basis is the Key to fulfilling our potential, the Key to total Health and Harmony.

As to my English-speaking clients, who will hopefully be able to read the book in their own language very soon, I would say:

Get into the habit of holding your thumb and the middle finger as shown in the pictures below as often and as long as possible, since your thumb will harmonize your Earth Element, the ruler of which is Saturn, whereas your middle finger will harmonize Quintessence, the Key to the 4 Elements of Nature and the overall harmonizer of Man!

Thumb 33
Hand, Fingers and Emotions

To find out more about how to apply simple Energy Healing techniques beneficial to Body, Mind & Spirit on a daily basis, you may want to book a detailed Energy Healing or Life Counselling session via skype.

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For now me and my daughter Alina wish you a peaceful Christmas, a wonderful holiday season and a fantastic New Year!

Keep well! Irene & Alina


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